Favorable government regulations and increasing outsourcing of pharmaceutical production to the APAC region is now driving the growth of chiral technology markets. The global market of chiral technology which was $4.75 billion in 2010 is projected to grow to $5.83 billion.

Pharmaceutical companies have been facing immense pressure on regulatory, pricing and market fronts and one of the key strategic pursuits they have been focusing on is identification, evaluation and leveraging the power of chiral technologies and enabling tools.

New advances in combinatorial and biocatalysis; asymmetric technologies; chiral separation technologies; design of chiral kit box complemented by adjacent technologies like genomics, gene shuffling technologies etc., have opened up new vistas for the industry to explore. Advances in molecular biology mean that drug discovery no longer relies on serendipity and drug design is now a clearly defined process.

Chiral India 2019, “Leveraging new chemistries and technologies: Chiral and Beyond” will highlight the latest advances in a host of technologies complementing chiral platforms. It plans to explore new directions for future drug development in the backdrop of the chiral technology landscape.

Chiral India 2019 deliberate on the following strands
  • Innovative asymmetric synthesis
  • Contemporary trends in chiral catalysis
  • New approaches to chiral drug design (synthetic and biological)
  • Biocatalysis : New frontiers
  • Novel chiral separation technologies
  • New tools for continuous flow chemistry
  • Stereoselective synthetic strategies with an aid of continuous flow chemistry
  • Continuous manufacturing processing for API synthesis
  • Advances in lyophilisation for handling hazardous processes
  • Advances in proteomics and genomics
  • Gene shuffling technologies
  • Synthetic technologies for therapeutic oligonucleotides
  • Significance of artificial intelligence in chemical route selection

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