Demand for high performance drugs and efficiency incentives are driving the pharma industry to outsource an increasingly large share of their API production, whether it is for generic or innovative APIs. The newest generation of APIs being developed are extremely complex; these include peptides, high potency APIs, oligonucleotides, and sterile APIs. This means that the R&D and certification processes themselves have also become longer and more complicated

In addition, a range of new technologies guided by gene shuffling, catalytic, fermentation, enzymatic and bio transformation platforms, have opened up new vistas for the industry to explore.

Chiral India 2020 brings to you under the broad theme "New pharmaceutical technologies: Shaping the future of drug development" a range of novel chemistry and technology advances poised to shape the future of the pharmaceuticals industry.

December 2
Chral Drug
Design And Development
December 3
Advances In
Drug Synthesis
December 4
New Technology
  • Advances in Chiral catalysis
  • The Power of Oxidative Iodine Catalysis
  • Chiral synthesis of agrochemicals
  • New developments in organocatalysis for asymmetric synthesis
  • Advances in carbohydrate chemistry for new drug development
  • Advances in formulation technologies
  • Enantioselective Domino Reactions of Diazo Compounds Catalyzed by COBI
  • Commercial utility of cross coupling reactions in drug development
  • Recent trends and challenges of Biocatalytic processes in the Pharma Industry
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