Chiral India 2016, focusing on new chiral technologies for pharmaceutical fine chemicals, offers a unique platform for advances in chiral chemistry, technology and application.
Hear from leading experts on Chiral Chemistry & Technology
Keynote Address
Dr. Christopher J. Welch, Merck Research Laboratories, USA
Enantioselective Addition Reactions of 3-Butynoyl-1H-pyrazole Catalyzed by Chiral pie-Cu(II) Complexes
Professor Kazuaki Ishihara, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University, Japan

Rhodium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Cycloisomerization Reactions of Enynes
Professor Ken Tanaka, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Kanto`s Catalyst Technologies
Mr. Taito Hatakeyama, Kanto Chemical Co. Inc. Japan

Dynamic Kinetic Resolution by Enzyme-Metal Cascade Catalysis as a Powerful Chirotechology
Professor Mahn-Joo Kim, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea

Total Synthesis of Chiral API`s for Diverse Therapies
Dr. Ramki Iyer, FDC Ltd.

Expeditious synthesis of bacterial glycoconjugates
Professor Suvarn Kulkarni, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

A Case Study on Flow Chemistry and Organocatalysis
Dr. Christopher Cobley, Dr. Reddy`s Laboratories Ltd., Chirotech Technology Centre, UK

Chiral HILIC or Chiral and HILIC? Unique Enantioselectivity between Polar Organic and Reversed-phase Mode Separations with Polysaccharide-based Chiral Selectors
Dr. Tivadar Farkas, Phenomenex, USA


New directions in asymmetric synthesis
Professor Kavirayani R. Prasad, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


Chiral Chromatography Applications for Pharmaceutical Industry
Dr. Lakshmi Narayana, Daicel Chiral Technologies


Extending the Range of Polarity for SFC Purifications
Dr. Lakshmikant Bajpai, Syngene International Ltd.


Chiral Separation Technologies
Dr. Avinash Chaudhary, SAI Life Sciences ltd.


Biocatalysis for Chiral Transformations of the Present and the Future
Dr. Paolo Braiuca, Johnson Matthey, UK


Recent topics of Chiral Fluorine Chemistry in Central Glass
Mr. Shinichi Sumida, Central Glass Company India Pvt. Ltd


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